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Verifying of goods and documents

In the case of export or import of goods, Association “ZED” provides services in Ukraine for organizing product identification, as well as checking the quantity and quality, packaging, labeling of goods and the correctness of drawing up accompanying documents. Verifying of goods and documents abroad is realized by affiliated institutions and partner organizations abroad or directly by representatives of Association “ZED”. Most requested services are verifying of goods in the framework of complicated projects, cases of supply of defective or damaged goods, calculations using modern bank trade finance instruments.

Logistic services

During of its existence the transport-expedition servicing with all types of transport was established by the Association. Among the areas of specialization is the transportation of oversized and over-tonnage freights. Association has enriched itself by experience of organizing commercial transport corridors when partnerships and legal relationships are built up between participants in transit traffic through individual countries after essential volume of international transportations with goal to low costs on transportation. Also Association “ZED” organizes placement and storage of goods in warehouses in Ukraine and abroad, organizes sales of goods on conditions of consignation. Association “ZED” is interested in creation of unions with forwarders and transporters of other countries for the increasing of commodity flow and lowering costs on the transportation.


Association “ZED” provides consulting services for Ukrainian and abroad companies on topical issues of international economic activity. Services are provided in a written form or verbally, which includes using of modern tools of an exchange of information. There are consultations on issues on organization of export-import activities, creation of enterprises, on issues of taxation and customs affairs, certification of origin and conformity, minimizations of risks and losses in the practice of the Association "ZED". Services can be provided by going to the customer's office, both in Ukraine and abroad.

Marketing research

Association “ZED” does marketing researches of the Ukrainian market and markets of foreign countries. For carrying out researches modern tools of intellectual processing of information are used. Association “ZED” helps customers to make the right management decisions in a competitive environment in the markets for products, existing prohibitions, restrictions and opportunities.

Development of export or import company strategy

Specialists of the Association “ZED” took part and have relevant experience in developing the Export Strategy of the city of Kiev and other cities of Ukraine, as well as export-import strategies of individual companies. Association “ZED” can offer the development of a company's strategy on the organization of export-import activities based on an understanding of the market trends in Ukraine and individual countries of the world, and the existing practice in Ukraine in the field of international trade. The development may also include the issues of technical re-equipment or the creation of an enterprise in Ukraine based on the use of preferential trade instruments within the framework of free trade zones, general preferences regimes, the most facilitated regime, and bilateral trade agreements.

Search for a buyer, seller and service provider

Association “ZED” searches and offers the customer a list of potential buyers / sellers of products and service providers, both in Ukraine and abroad.
In some situations, the Association “ZED” may make recommendations regarding the integrity and commercial opportunities of companies that may be potential counterparties.

Counterparty Check

If necessary, the Association “ZED” checks the commercial or financial ability of a potential counterparty in Ukraine or abroad. With the participation of our partners, we also form an objective view of a potential counterparty.




 3, Zolotoustivska str.,
Kyiv, 01135, Ukraine
(380 44) 500-9380 (temporarily inactive)
(380 44) 500-9381 (temporarily inactive)

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